New director Maarten Bedaf leads Customs Support’s further (international) growth in the customs market

8 October 2015

Since October, Oscar Driessen at independent customs agent Customs Support has transferred his operational responsibilities as director to Maarten Bedaf. Maarten continues, together with Oscar and Mentha Capital, the strategy to substantially grow in the European customs market.

Maarten knows the language of the logistical parties and has a wealth of supply chain expertise through his experience with four of the top logistics service providers: DSV, CEVA, DHL and Kuehne-Nagel. “Within the logistics, customs activities are very specialized and regulatory changes are not always carried out properly,” according to Maarten. “Our employees and robust processes and IT systems are very distinctive, resulting in customers outsourcing their customs activities to Customs Support in full confidence”.

Customs Support focuses on further organic growth as well as growth through new acquisitions in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Earlier this year, the forces are already bundled with Pompa and Freshport. Pompa is a strong service-oriented all-round customs agent with specific expertise in the market for fruit and vegetables. Freshport, located in the front line area directly on the runway at Schiphol, performs the customs clearance of perishable goods and live animals. Collectively, the company has 7 branches in several European countries.

Customs Support

Customs Support is a leading European customs service provider, specialized in the handling of customs documentation. It is active on key international logistical hubs in Northern Europe. By offering a variety of immediately available customs brokers and specialists, Customs Support provides the solution for organizations that lack the specific customs knowledge and / or manpower. Thanks to the advanced software, which seamlessly connects to local customs systems in almost all European countries, customs documentation is settled quickly. In an increasingly globalized world Customs Support has evolved in recent years into a trusted company for customs clearance for international logistics parties and producers.

Under the brand name Pompa, import – export -, transit declarations and T2L (F) documents for logistical parties in the Rotterdam (port) area, are provided. In addition, it carries out the general and limited tax representation regarding value added tax (VAT), the authorized consignor and authorized consignee notification, the customs warehouse (storage) administration and the application of phytosanitary (potatoes, fruit and vegetables) and veterinary (fish and meat ) inspections. For fruit inspections Pompa is classified as inspection location holder at two locations in the port of Rotterdam. In addition to qualified claimants, the company has experienced lawyers performing objection and appeal procedures for the customers.

Freshport masters the full range of customs clearance of perishable goods and live animals that are sent to and from the European Union. This concerns perishable goods for human consumption (fish, meat, etc.), not for human consumption (vaccines, bull sperm, etc.), ornamental fish, vegetables and fruit. Increasing regulation of the European Veterinarian Authorities, including HACCP regulations, requires optimal facilities and processes. Freshport has a unique state of the art facility, located next to the runway at Schiphol Airport, which meets the latest regulations.